What is cryptocurrency?

A cryptocurrency, or crypto, is a form of digital currency which is secured using a technique called cryptography.
Cryptos are completely decentralised. In other words, they are not supplied or controlled by any government or authority. There are currently hundreds of cryptos in existence, with Bitcoin being the most well-known and highest valued. Other popular cryptos include Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, and NEM.

Which Cryptocurrency should you choose?

There is no single cryptocurrency that is guaranteed to make you rich. The value of a crypto is determined by the demand for it — it is only worth as much as investors think it’s worth.
Therefore, crypto prices are prone to extreme fluctuations. If you buy into a crypto at the wrong time you can end up losing money. If you are inexperienced in crypto trading, we recommend seeking the advice of a professional.

How do you invest in cryptocurrency?

Before you invest in a cryptocurrency you must consider the possibility that you might lose your capital. You should only trade only with the money that you can afford to lose. Once you have decided to trade, you’ll need to find a trading platform which allows you to purchase cryptos with traditional currency. Trading platforms typically only offer the most popular cryptos. If you’re interested in trade in the more obscure cryptos you’ll need to do a little more research to find out where to buy them.

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What we offer

Nascent Assets offers a convenient way to know more about digital currencies. We analyse the market for different crypto currency in order to minimise the risk of losses due to price fluctuations. We also offer cloud mining services.
Cloud mining
Cloud mining is a form of cryptocurrency mining which does not require the user to set up and maintain mining hardware.
Bitcoin transactions are secured with cryptography and recorded in a distributed public ledger known as the blockchain.
Ethereum is an open-source blockchain-based platform. Users create and operate "smart contracts" for exchanging money and goods unmediated.
Litecoin is quicker and cheaper than Bitcoin. Transactions are private and more secure.
Ripple is considered to be more secure than other crypto networks and offers lower transaction costs.
Unlike Dash offers the same features as Bitcoin but it is able to process transactions faster and more privately.
Ark is a cryptocurrency that can interact with any blockchain in existence via a technology called SmartBridge.
Dogecoin is an open-source peer-to-peer digital currency based on Litecoin.
Monero is an open-source blockchain-based cryptocurrency that is focused on privacy.
Zcash is a blockchain-based cryptocurrency which allows users to carry out transactions completely anonymously.
Britcoin is a UK-based open-source peer-to-peerdigital currency, faster transaction speed than Bitcoin.
NEM's code was written from scratch, unlike most other cryptos. Users of NEM can customise the way they use the NEM blockchain.
Neo facilitates the development of digital assets and smart contracts, using two different tokens, Neo and Gas.
Crown includes many of the same features as Bitcoin but offers improvements such as greater security and faster transactions.
Waves is an open-source blockchain platform that allows users to create, transfer, and exchange blockchain tokens.

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